Hair Rooting Methods

I can provide 3 different methods of hair rooting:

  1. The sewing method
  2. The knot method
  3. The tension method

The Sewing Method – takes the longest because you literally sew the hair into the head. That means the head has to be removable. It also means it costs a lot more because of the time involved. This method is 100% secure so no worries about hair being pulled out.

The Knot Method – takes a long time as well, but not nearly as long, and it also requires that the head be removable as well. This one kills my hands so I do charge an extra fee for it. This method is also 100% secure.

The Tension Method – this is the fastest method there is. Plus, it doesn’t matter if the head can come off or not. This is the one I do the most and is most cost effective. This method is 99% secure, but if the head can come off I can make it 100% secure with a little bit of fabri-tac.

In addition to the rooting method I also have to take into consideration the type of head that’s being rooted. Some heads already have hair so that means I don’t have to poke new holes making the work faster and easier. Some heads are soft like Barbies and some heads are rock hard like Fashion Royalty. Softer heads take less time to do. Harder heads and heads without holes will cost a bit more to work on.