You Make Clothes For What Size Dolls?

The clothing is made for 1/6th scale dolls and action figures such as: Barbie dolls, Fashion Royalty dolls, Cy Girl dolls, BJD’s such as Volks and Obitsu’s 1/6th. It also includes Ken, Hot Toys True Type, G.I. Joe’s, Action Man and Sideshow figures. There are a multitude of dolls/figures of this size scale – but you get the picture.

I can also make customs for the Monster High figures which also fall under the 1/6th scale framework.

The 1/4th scale clothes are made to fit figures like the BoBobbie slim BJD’s. Sorry, that’s the only one I have at this time.

I also have the potential to make customs for the 1/3rd scale obitsu’s.

These are the only bodies I have on hand to work with/fit at this time.